Zanz hand dyed yarn AustraliaZanz hand dyed
Touched by a rainbow
... the spectrum in your fibre
Hand dyed bamboo yarn by Zanz at Artezan      
  • Zanz hand dyed yarn - Cotton, bamboo, wool, merino, superwash, merino tops, alpaca, silk and more.
  • Zanz hand dyed one of a kind - bags, aprons, socks, material.
  • Zanz hand spun yarn
  • Zanz knits - using Zanz hand dyed yarn - children's clothing - longies, shorties, tops, soakers; baby items - booties, hats; winter woolies - scarfs, hats, beanies; hand knitted bags, hand knitted and felted project bags.
Hand dyed cotton yarn by Zanz
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Zanz hand dyed wool

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